About Us

Leo + Lumi was created by a desire to make simple, timeless pieces that are designed and accessible for everyone.

The brand came to existence when our founder found herself endlessly searching for a brand that offered the perfect basics. The everyday pieces. Ones that were made with pure materials which wouldn’t fade or wear over time.


Each of our pieces has been crafted to a modern, minimalist appeal - with the ability to be worn alone, stacked, or layered. We use solid 14k gold for all items, and sustainable HPHT diamonds. 

HPHT diamonds are high pressure and high temperature diamonds, which share the same chemical and physical properties as naturally grown diamonds. We prefer to use these diamonds as they are 100% conflict free, and don’t require any mining of the earth. You can read more about them here.

You’ll be able to love your piece forever knowing it was created for you and will last a lifetime, all whilst contributing to a more sustainable industry.